Others Talk, We Solve

Kindergarten Culture

Although the rapid advancement of technology has increased the quality of our lives, it has weakened our interpersonal relationships, which has led to a decrease in the importance of some of our cultural values. Our aim is to enable our students to follow technological developments closely and gain values ​​such as love, respect, tolerance, friendship, honesty, cooperation and responsibility.

Creative Curriculum

Training Methodology

As Kindergarten, we are an academic, education-based kindergarten. Therefore, our choice of core curriculum is critical to the educational foundation of our program, It is the daily curriculum foundation of our program. Each program can put together a complete system that promotes positive outcomes for children of all educational levels.

Special Programs

Age Groups & Hours

Thanks to our early learning experiences in our classrooms, you can contribute to your child's mental development, increase vocabulary learning, which is one of the most important determinants of mental development, and improve gross and fine motor skills and even social skills.

Child Education

Talent Development

In music activity, sense, rhythm, creativity, language development, recognizing musical instruments, self-confidence, self-disclosure skills emerge. With Physical Education applied in kindergarten programs, children are kept fit.

Multi Language Education

Foreign Language

With our belief in the importance of foreign language for our students to think universally, our intensive foreign language teaching, which starts at the age of 3 in our kindergartens, continues until the age of 5. In our kindergarten program, foreign language is applied in intensive weekly lesson programs prepared according to age groups.


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