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Age Groups & Hours

2-3 Years Old Playgroup


There are two programs, morning and afternoon half-day. Children who take the first step of socialization in this age group experience recognizing objects in learning centers with materials prepared according to their age groups and discovering that something can be done with them by using their five senses. With the support of their teachers, their needs at all developmental stages are observed and determined, and the program is enriched with activities that support their development based on their strengths. In this process, parental guidance is given by our school.


3-4 Years Old Playgroup


There are two programs, full-day and half-day. Children have the freedom to act and share with a group, and to create games with the materials they choose among the materials prepared according to their age groups. Child-initiated learning is supported and expanded under the guidance of their teachers, and appropriate physical arrangements are established for new learning. Identifying the individual differences and learning styles of children is one of the most important points of the program. Children’s development is supported by considering individual differences and sharing is increased through group activities.


4-5 Years Old Playgroup


A full day program is implemented. Real, functional, daily used objects, natural and residual materials, various tools and materials, heavy and large materials are used in learning centers prepared according to the needs of this age group. Children explore one or more of these materials through direct experience by examining them with all their senses. They examine the materials in different ways using many tools and thus gain and develop many skills.



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