Workman – Job Portal WordPress Theme

Workman WordPress Theme is a carefully developed Job Portal WordPress Theme for Job Seekers and Employers.

If you are looking for a job portal theme for your employer or for your Company, this template is made just for you!

You will have a wonderful experience for job seekers with a full-screen job filtered search form.

Workman Job Portal WordPress Theme offers a great space for job seekers with its category box structure with special icon set.

With its special job search list and special filters, it becomes a special job portal where every uncomplicated audience can apply.

In this template, which we strengthened with Ultimate Member and JobBoardWP plugins, we arranged the special membership system style with a special scenario.

We have created a special panel for employers and a special panel for job seekers.

We integrated the software with dual membership forms.

If you are looking for a fast and superior Job Portal WordPress site, do not waste time. And see the professionalism.

It will be a great choice for job seekers and employers.

Workman Job Portal WordPress Theme Features:

  • Easy customization (Custom theme settings area)
  • One click ımport data (You can ımport all data with one click.)
  • Fully responsive design (Special design shaped by all devices)
  • 230 special ıcon set (Professional ıcons)
  • One click customize all colors (Change all colors with one click)
  • Customize all fonts with one click (Change all fonts with one click)
  • 80 special effects animations (Animated animations area)
  • Custom page templates (Easy page customization with custom page fields)
  • 60 web fonts (Custom fonts to customize your website)
  • Jobs page (Custom page listing jobs and custom filters.)
  • Job posting page (Special jobs list page created for employers. Employers can view, edit and post new postings when they are logged in.)
  • Jobs (Administrator) (As the admin you can see a list of all jobs and filter by status (published, pending, expired etc). You can view, edit and approve jobs from the wp-admin jobs list.)
  • Job types (Job types allow users to select the job type they list when submitting a job. It comes with 7 built-in job types (Freelance, Full-time, Graduate, Internship, Part-time, Temporary, Volunteer) and each label is assigned a default label color (label colors You can delete, add, and edit job types.)
  • Job categories (Business category fields and category pages with custom icon set boxes we created for business categories.)
  • Registration (Special dual entry registration system we have created for employers and job seekers.)
  • Registration status (You can approve or remove members from the admin panel. You can start your membership with the private message system.)
  • Registration action (You can customize the login and exit pages of the members from the administration panel.)
  • Multiple registration forms (You can open and customize unlimited user types with multiple member directory forms.)
  • Role selection (You can add a role selector field to the register form so users can select the role they want before they register.)
  • Default user role (You can assign a user role to be the default user role when users sign up on your site.)
  • Login (Users can effortlessly login from the front end of your site)
  • Password reset link (The login form provides a forgot password link which will take users to the password reset form if they have forgotten their password.)
  • Customizable (The login form is fully customizable including: changing button text, hiding the register button from login form, applying custom styling and much more.)
  • Anti-spam measures (The login forms automatically come with triple anti-spam protection which includes: a hidden honeypot field, time delay on submit button and WordPress nonces.)
  • User Profiles (Add beautiful user profiles to your WordPress site which can be fully customized to your site’s specific requirements)
  • Custom appearance (The user profiles are fully customizable so you can give your profiles a unique look including changing the cover photo aspect ratio, profile photo shape and much more.)
  • Remove cover photos (Don’t want cover photos? Ultimate Member provides an alternative user profile design if you do not want to include cover photos on the profile.)
  • User info (You can highlight important user info in the header section of profile by selecting from your specific fields from your fields list. If left blank no user info will show in header.)
  • User bio (The profile header also includes a user bio area where users can write a short description about themselves. This can be turned off if you don’t need user bios.)
  • Display name (You can select the display name for users on your site. The plugin offers a range of options you can choose from including: username; first and last name and others.)
  • Profile permalinks (You can select what slug appears in the url when viewing user’s profiles. You can select to show: username, first and last name or user id.)
  • User roles (You can create multiple user roles and give each role its own permissions and capabilities.)
  • Account tab (Custom field and custom menu set for logged in users)
  • Job Dashboards (Custom page and menu created for employers)
  • Employers list (Special list of employers)
  • Super lightwight (Lightning-fast ınstallation and operation)
  • Menu with special effects (Fine lines)
  • Carousel blog (Swiper carousel)
  • Full seo compliance (Yoast seo plugin setting)
  • 3d services custom ıcon set area (Services areas prepared with custom ıcons in box layout)
  • Team area (Special team members area)
  • Countdown area (Special effects coundown area to contribute to your site)
  • 3d pricing area (Special detailed 3d pricing table)
  • Offer forms (Special forms – contact form 7)
  • Contact forms (Special forms – contact form 7)
  • Custom acf system (Professional ınfrastructure)
  • Special blog structure (Accelerated article fields)
  • Dropdown menu (Custom bootstrap dropdown menu)
  • Special sidewidget (Icon set sidewidget)
  • Newsletter area (Footer newsletter field)
  • Social media ıcons (Custom social media ıcons)
  • Special services page (3d effect services page)
  • About us page (3d effect about page)
  • Privacy, Terms Uses Pages (About Pages)
  • Team members (3d effect team members section)
  • Customers page (Special customers section)
  • Pricing page (3d effect pricing page)
  • Popup forms (Popup form fields from your packages)
  • Special preloader effect (Special effect)
  • Go up button (Fast speed)
  • Background change feature (Background structure for all pages)
  • Page header change feature (Page header structure for all pages)
  • Sticky menu (Fully compatible sticky menu)

User information for employers:

username: employer2

pass: employer


User information for job candidates:

username: candidate2

pass: candidate

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