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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is artificial intelligence?
Artificial intelligence is simply defined as systems that mimic human intelligence to perform specific tasks and can improve themselves by iterating the information they collect. The most important feature that distinguishes artificial intelligence from today's technology systems is that it can imitate human intelligence.
What can artificial intelligence do?
Artificial intelligence; It takes place in our daily lives with voice assistants, language translations, suggestion systems, navigation, social security, health services, e-commerce and assistant robot applications. It is also used in sector-specific strategic studies such as cyber security and defense industry.
What is robotic process automation?
Robotic process automation, RPA) is a form of business process automation technology based on metaphorical software robots (bots) or artificial intelligence (AI) / digital workers. Sometimes called software robots (not to be confused with robot software)
How does robotic process automation work?
With RPA, the (human) user records the sequence of actions and interactions with applications to create the workflow. The system develops the process list by monitoring the human execution of the task and then creates the software bot that performs the task in the GUI of the application.
What can be done with RPA?
In healthcare, RPA can assist with insurance claims processing and patient data management. In the logistics sector, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) can track vehicle fleets and reports. In the retail industry, RPA can improve supply chain management and inventory tracking.