What is TrustRank? Why is it Important?

TrustRank is a special seo link technique used to determine safe sites and increase the quality scores of sites that provide accurate information. Stanford University and It is a form of special qualification used by Yahoo in the fight against spam. It provides quality ranking of all websites with Spam nature by being determined by both Google robots and experts.

Many brands in the web environment use spam techniques to rank higher in search engines due to commercial race. Since each page will be difficult to review, some trusted private sites are marked and the link exits from them are given website quality scores.


TrustRank, highly reliable sites are determined by private experts. These sites are called the main secure site, and other web pages made from these sites are given a reliability score. Sites with high quality scores are promoted to higher ranks by Google. It is the most effective SEO technique to get your website to the top.

TrustRank ranks sites according to the quality of reliability. E.g; “It gives a value of 5 points to highly reliable sites, while giving 4 points to the site that gets a link exit from a 5-point site.” Therefore, the content of your website and the linked websites should also be high-ranking sites.

Google general policy Until 2008 it was mostly about pagerank. Pagerank is a quality rating that indicates a site’s link score. Some websites have traded quality or poor quality backlink in order to stay ahead of the race in search engines. The quality and content of the sites from which Backlink were received were not given importance. But the more the links, the more the pagerank value would grow exponentially. Because of this, Google’s search results were often insignificant. Google, which is constantly updated, created a special TrusRank value after negative returns. The pagerank value of sites has become irrelevant. It gives Trustrank value to the site by looking at the original content, link output, special design, coding and especially error-free coding of all sites with link output. In short, a web page with a pr3 rating may be more effective than a pr6 rating. That’s why your website’s content, linking structure and link exits, and especially quality backlinks.

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