What is GTmetrix?

What is GTmetrix?

GTmetrix shows the optimization performance of your web pages. It provides information for you to configure your site correctly with detailed data. With this information, you can increase the speed of your website. It is the website where you will do the foremost seo analysis for your website. It is a qualified web page that will help SEO for your website. It provides analysis of the quality and performance of your website by giving values ​​from A to F.

It is a tool where you can test your website speed and generate detailed reports. It is an ideal analysis site for website designers. It is an important seo tool where you can prevent delays on your site.

Why GTmetrix Matters ?

The first rule of

SEO is the speed of your web pages. The earlier your website opens, the better it is in the eyes of the visitor. Landing page speed should not be more than 3 seconds. Websites with a long page opening time fall from ranking in Google search engines. That’s why GTmetrix analyzes your website’s speed performance in detail. Thanks to these analyzes, you can see the deficiencies in your website and make your site more efficient.

How to Use GTmetrix ?


GTmetrix, you can analyze the performance of your website in detail. You can get a detailed analysis of your site by logging into the website via GTmetrix.com. When you login to GTmetrix site You will see the site url field. By typing the name of your website in this field, you can press the test button and extract the details. With these details, you can measure the efficiency of your site.

Is GTmetrix Free ?

With GTmetrix you can do free seo analysis. With these analyzes, you can optimize your website as well as switch to a paid account for future updates and details. Paid account system is also available to have additional features like each SEO detail tools. By registering on the website, you can optimize this analysis page with your webmaster tools. By measuring the performance of your website, you can work to fix missing configurations.

If your website’s performance is very low and you are experiencing speed problems, we recommend that you switch to the paid package. Thus, you can do custom seo studies and make your site more efficient.

GTmetrix is ​​the website that shows the best reports leading the way in seo analysis. You can see the best values ​​for your website from GTmetrix site. As Garanti Web Tasarım, we recommend GTmetrix tool to measure the performance of your website in detail.

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