Wedda – Wedding Planner WordPress Theme

Wedda WordPress Theme is an impressive and fascinating wordpress theme designed for Wedding and Organization companies.

It is an excellent blessing for those who provide marriage, wedding and organization services. You will have a unique theme equipped with rose effects guided by a futuristic new generation modern design that will impress the visitors entering your site.

You will make your customers feel love and passion with this magnificent theme where love and happiness come together. Visitors to your site will see an enormous slider screen full of rose effects. You will be able to make a high impression with this space.

Events are indispensable for a marriage organization company. You will be able to show the visitors coming to your site the upcoming events and the events you have done before in the most modern and striking layout.

You will be able to display your activities in both table and list view and provide a superior web experience with the advanced detail page.

Thanks to its fully compatible mobile responsive design, you will be able to show your events and all the information on your site in an epic way from all devices.

You will be in harmony with the header, slider and footer areas equipped with advanced rose effects.

You will be able to show the services in your organization company in the most effective and detailed way, and you will have a superior customization opportunity thanks to the advanced modern icon sets.

If you want to impress your customers and receive constant phone calls, a naive and polite presentation with the wedda theme will be waiting for you. You will add your brand to favorites and you will succeed in becoming a leading brand in your sector.

With Wedda WordPress Theme, You Get a Powerful and Modern WordPress Experience:

  • You have code density reinforced with Bootstrap, Sass and Custom acf infrastructure. Thus, you can easily take your place in the top positions in search engines.
  • Thanks to the management panel created with advanced fields, you can quickly change all your logos, colors, tones and fonts with one click. You can quickly customize your site in the colors you want, especially thanks to the primary secondary options for all the colors that appear on the site.
  • By importing all content with one click, you will be able to see all the images and details and quickly change your content from the theme pages.
  • You have a creative design with modern slider, header and footer areas equipped with rose effects.
  • You will have a superior website experience with the advanced carousel services area and advanced detail pages.
  • With the professional events area, you can show layouts in modern table view and list view. Especially with the advanced event detail page, you can present high quality organization details to your customers.
  • You will touch the eyes of your visitors with its modern space and rotating lights effect.
  • Thanks to its fully compatible mobile design, you will have a special design that is shaped according to all devices.
  • You will be able to get fast member registrations and provide professional customization with advanced contact forms.
  • You will have a strong infrastructure thanks to hundreds of special icon sets.
  • You will create stunning block layouts with hundreds of modern web effects.
  • You will have advanced customization with next generation modern web fonts.
  • For more, you can check out the demo to see the difference.

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