Web Software


Web Software covers coding studies in computer environment for controlling and accelerating business processes.

We develop software that you can easily manage your websites and offer special systems to your customers. We use the WordPress infrastructure. We code software with HTML5, CSS3, Php and Asp.net We follow our own websites and take weekly backups.

We integrate software modules that will contribute to our customers who want to get Web Software services by analyzing their needs and goals.

We make special software such as xml, dealership system, membership system, live support software, tracking, gold systems and virtual pos integrations in special Web Software modules. We collect half of the web software service fee before starting the project.


We accelerate your business processes by developing special web software modules. With our young dynamic team that bends time, we develop special web designs and software that will best reflect your corporate identity and shock your competitors. You will achieve high performance with XML integrations, Virtual pos integrations, Private membership system and easy-to-manage control panels.



After listening to the customer and getting detailed information about the web software service, a service offer is prepared and presented to the customer. The price situation may change according to the customer project delivery priority.

Project Process

Web software projects HTML5, CSS3, Php software languages. A special expert is assigned to the customer for each detail. Details are notified to the customer via Whatsapp or Mail. The software is made on Localhost.


Web software is delivered before the project date. Web software and modules are checked and published on the site server. For module support, a customer-specific user name and password are given from the guarantee web design support center.