Therapa – Psychology & Therapy WordPress Theme

Therapa WordPress Theme is a fully responsive, original and creative wordpress theme designed for Psychological Counseling and Psychiatrists.

With Therapa wordpress theme, you can show your psychologist center and psychologists in a professional corporate identity.

Therapa has a powerful structure equipped with fully SEO compatible 3D effects.

You will hypnotize your customers at first sight with this psychologist theme that we have compiled with a modern story.

You will get a great impression with its creative and split slider screen and rotate text.

With the 3D box layouts we designed for service areas and information areas, you will assume the identity of a powerful psychologist center with superior features.

You will be able to change all your content very quickly from the theme pages, which will import all the content with one click. You will be able to quickly change your corporate identity from the theme settings. Logo, font, tone, color etc. After making all the corporate changes, all the main colors in the site center will automatically change to your corporate colors. And so you won’t have to do any extra css configuration.

If you are looking for a modern and superior psychology theme, this template will be an ideal and innovative choice for you.

If you want to leave your competitors behind and have a creative web design concept, we recommend you to experience the theme right away.

Below are the details of Therapa wordpress theme:

  • Innovative split-screen slider area
  • Continuously rotating rotate text button
  • Creative button hover features
  • 3D+++ service boxes and creative hover features
  • 250+++ special icon sets for psychologists
  • 80+++ next generation web effects
  • 60 modern web fonts
  • Modern swiper carousel areas
  • Modern animated icons, icons and comments area
  • About the creative space for psychologists
  • Pop-up video feature and constantly flashing play button
  • Creative opening effect
  • Creative team space and modern hover effect
  • Aesthetic header and footer area
  • Modern communication icons
  • Professional sidewidget area
  • Advanced appointment form and contact forms
  • And for more feature details, check out the demo now.

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