Pestea – Pest Control WordPress Theme

Pestea WordPress Theme is next generation creative wordpress theme developed for Pest ControlPest Control ServicesPest Control Company and All Pest Control Companies.

It is a special concept wordpress theme that will create a superior effect for your pest control company.

With its wide fade effect slider area, appointment form area and 3D special effects and animations, you will provide your customers with an amazing digital experience.

With the special 3D pricing area, you will be able to show your services at special prices.

With the 3D pest control box layout area, you will be able to present all the pests and details to the visitors professionally.

You will get all kinds of returns from your visitors with callback forms, popup forms, appointment forms and contact forms.

You will be ahead of your competitors with this pest control wordpress theme that we coded with the ACF system.

With our fully SEO-compatible infrastructure, you will surpass your competitors in search engines. You will not know any competitors with our special seo code density and google trustrank algorithm strategy so that you do not fall behind.

If you are looking for a pest control wordpress theme with advanced features that you can impress your visitors, buy it now and see the difference.

Here are the Pestea WordPress Theme Features:

  • Quick and easy customization (Quick customization of all fonts, colors and tones)
  • One click import data (You can import all data with one click.)
  • Fully mobile responsive design (Special design shaped by all devices)
  • 230 special icon set (Professional icons)
  • 80 special effects animations (Animated animations area)
  • Custom page templates (Easy page customization with custom page fields)
  • 60 web fonts (Custom fonts to customize your website)
  • Super lightwight (Lightning-fast ınstallation and operation)
  • Menu with special effects (Fine lines)
  • Special 3D pests box area (Area with special animation and 3D effect)
  • Special slider area (Full screen swiper slider)
  • Carousel comment (Swiper carousel)
  • Carousel team member (Swiper carousel)
  • Carousel blog (Swiper carousel)
  • Full seo compliance (Yoast seo plugin setting)
  • 3d services custom icon set area (Services areas prepared with custom icons in box layout)
  • Team area (Special team members area)
  • Countdown area (Special effects coundown area to contribute to your site)
  • 3d pricing area (Special detailed 3d pricing table)
  • Appointment forms (Special forms – contact form 7)
  • Offer forms (Special forms – contact form 7)
  • Contact forms (Special forms – contact form 7)
  • Popup forms (Popup form fields from your packages)
  • Custom acf system (Professional ınfrastructure)
  • Special blog structure (Accelerated article fields)
  • Dropdown menu (Custom bootstrap dropdown menu)
  • Special sidewidget (Icon set sidewidget)
  • Newsletter area (Footer newsletter field)
  • Social media ıcons (Custom social media ıcons)
  • Special services page (3d effect services page)
  • About us page (3d effect about page)
  • Customers page (Special customers section)
  • Special preloader effect (Special effect)
  • Go up button (Fast speed)
  • Background change feature (Background structure for all pages)
  • Page header change feature (Page header structure for all pages)
  • Sticky menu (Fully compatible sticky menu)

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