With our Otto WordPress Theme we developed for Car Repair and Maintenance Services, you will be a Leading brand in your industry and you will not be lost.

Otto WordPress theme has a different perspective scripted with an amazing story.

It’s packed with particle effects and action-packed 3D effects that will wow every visitor to your site.

You will have a theme that will sound amazing for your car repair services. With one click, you will make a big impression on your visitors.

With modern cursor effects, mouse hovers, and click sound effects, you will be guaranteed to be an unforgettable brand.

We have created 3D rotation effects with a creative scenario in every area we look at as an artist. Thus, you will be able to show your corporate page in a strong structure.

With Otto WordPress theme, you will give a direction to the future and add great added value to your customers who want car repair service.

If we come to the theme panel structure, our infrastructure is a rare custom wordpress theme coded with the ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) system.

You will be able to import all your content with one click and customize your corporate identity from theme settings such as logo, font, sound, tone, description, title, footer, etc. You will be able to change all your content in minutes.

You will be able to do quick customization with our special theme panel, which has great features and convenience.

Otto wordpress theme is a fully responsive WordPress theme. It is shaped according to all devices. And thanks to its advanced code density, it ensures that you stay on top of the search engines in the field of SEO.

It also makes it easy for you to create a strong identity with 250 icon sets for car repair services, 80 new generation web effects, 60 modern and new generation web fonts.

Here are the Details of Otto WordPress Theme:

  • Slider area and special menu area with animated and disintegrating visual effects compiled with creative scenario
  • Creative Lines icon box services area
  • Creative 3D icon box services area
  • Creative about us scenario and rotate effects
  • Creative cursor effect and creative cursor sounds
  • Creative carousel projects area
  • Modern circle teams area
  • Fast and Creative countdown feature
  • Animated and Creative comments area
  • Customer logos area and creative hover effect
  • Advanced appointment forms and contact forms
  • Menu with creative hover lines effect and dropdown menu
  • Modernized sidewidget area and enhanced communication area
  • 260+++ custom Icon sets for car repair services
  • 80+++ modern web effects
  • 60+++ Next generation creative web fonts
  • Professional popup video fields
  • Stunning animated button and hover effects
  • Quick content customization with easy administration panel
  • Special design shaped according to all devices
  • Special SEO infrastructure developed specifically for search engines, excellent code density
  • Quick up button
  • Professional opening effect
  • Modern header and footer fields
  • And for more, check out and experience the demo now………

If you are looking for a wordpress theme with a different perspective for your car repair services, get it now and show your difference.

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