Mobile Design


Mobile Design includes css-based coding that enables websites to be shaped according to phone, tablet and desktop devices. In today’s technology, more than 80% mobile phone communication is provided. Therefore, the mobile appearance of websites is very important. When visitors want to search your website on small devices like phones, they want a seamless view. Fast and Creative You can turn your visitors into real income very quickly on mobile websites integrated with web design.

As Garanti web design, we develop fully compatible mobile designs that will increase your target audience. We provide a unique mobile (responsive) experience by equipping your brand with a creative web interface.

Mobile Design is your most important interface in the shrinking digital world. Along with providing speed and experience, it also helps you easily rank higher in Google search engines. Thus, you can make a point by bringing your brand to the right users.


We bring your websites together with the right visitors by developing a new generation fully compatible mobile (responsive) design. While developing Web design projects, we focus on the features that take shape the most. Thus, we prevent mistakes and publish the project with correct and creative designs.



After the customer is listened to and detailed information about the Mobile Design service is received, a service offer is prepared and presented to the customer’s information. The price situation may change according to the customer project delivery priority.

Project Process

We code Mobile Design projects with HTML5 and CSS3 software languages. A special expert is assigned to the customer for each detail. Details are notified to the customer via Whatsapp or Mail. The software is made on Localhost.


We deliver Mobile Designs before the project date. The configurations in Mobile Design are checked on the site server and we publish them. For support, we create a customer-specific user from our support center.