Magic – Fortune Teller & Horoscopes & Astronomy WordPress Theme

Are you looking for a creative and original wordpress theme?

You will wow your visitors with our Magic WordPress theme.

You will break new ground in digital with this UNIQUE wordpress theme we developed to be an unforgettable brand in the digital environment and to eliminate your competitors.

Magic WordPress Theme is a scripted and beautifully coded wordpress theme for Fortune TellerPsychicAstrologyHoroscope and Astronomy.

We guarantee that visitors to your site will stay on your website for a very long time. Every visitor to your site will fall in love with the page structure and concept.

What Does the Magic WordPress Theme Bring to You?

  1. With the creative slider area, shining stars, rotating moon and cloud effect will hypnotize your customers.
  2. Creatively scripted stars and zodiac signs provide a magnificent impression with the rotate effect.
  3. It makes you appear in a magnificent concept with creative horoscope space.
  4. It guarantees you to be an unforgettable brand with its mega rotate effects.
  5. It accelerates the recycling of your visitors with its creative services area.
  6. With its SEO-compatible infrastructure, it guarantees your place in the top rankings in search engines.
  7. It allows you to influence the world from all devices with its modern and creative mobile design where all effects and fields are integrated.
  8. It allows you to customize all your content in a very short time with its easy management panel.
  9. It ensures that you have a unique and unique design in the web world.
  10. It provides an amazing web experience with advanced 3D effects and corporate icon sets.

Here are the Magic WordPress Theme Features:

  • Creative slider area, shining stars, spinning moon and amazing cloud effect
  • Gorgeous scripted stars and zodiac signs rotate area
  • Gorgeous starry background
  • Stunning rotate fields
  • Next-generation cloud-enabled services space
  • New generation 3D effect horoscope area
  • Stunning hover light effects
  • Next generation sidewidget area
  • Next generation footer area
  • Next generation header field
  • 200 corporate icon sets
  • 70 unique web effects
  • 50 professional web fonts
  • Next generation stunning mobile design
  • Easy control panel
  • Import all data with one click
  • Advanced services detail page
  • Advanced horoscope detail page
  • Next generation professional opening effect
  • And more……

Don’t be late to have this unique design!

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