Lista – Directory & Listing WordPress Theme

Lista WordPress Theme, Directory Portal, Directory Listing, Job Portal, Doctor Portal, Lawyer Portal, Hospitals, Hotels etc. It is a professional wordpress theme for all yellow pages.

With Lista wordpress theme, you can show your directory listing in a great concept and superior features.

You will be able to display directory listings in an advanced design, with quick results that will present an advanced local directory search form to visitors to your site.

You will have a superior directory listing wordpress theme with custom pages equipped with categories with map locations, list layout, table layout and advanced sidebar icons in all locations.

You will be able to receive company registrations locally or privately, and you will also be able to determine special ad packages with a quick pricing table. People who want to post an ad will register when they click on the add ad button and you will be able to check the pre-approval and all other details from the admin panel.

You will be in perfect harmony with modern list categories and modern location category pages. The audience of all ages entering your site will read the content comfortably and will add your site to favorites thanks to its superior features.

With quick registration and login pages, visitors will be able to access the dashboard quickly. And they will be able to advertise very easily.

You will offer an enhanced site experience with map-enabled advertisement pages and modern listing-looking advertisement pages.

With the ad detail pages, you will be able to show all the contact information, phone, address, price and all the details of the ad, and you will be able to present an advanced detail page thanks to the quick form.

Thanks to its advanced mobile design, you will be able to get a superior view from all devices.

With one click, you will be able to import all demo data, users and all site content and see all the details for easy and powerful customization.

Advanced Features of Lista WordPress Theme:

  • Easy theme settings (Fast customization by all, logo, color, hue, font and size)
  • Advanced theme pages (Change site content with excellent speed thanks to the advanced theme pages we created with Acf)
  • Advanced index list categories (Image and icon regular table view index list categories)
  • Advanced directory listing location categories (Advanced directory listing location categories)
  • Advanced directory listing map (Advanced directory listing large map with all postings)
  • Advanced directory listing table and list layout (Page with table and list view where all ads are displayed)
  • Advanced directory listing search (Directory list search form with advanced filters)
  • Advanced 3D pricing table (Price list with 3D effect for those who want to post ads)
  • Advanced carousel comments area (Modern comments area)
  • Advanced accordion FAQ area (Frequently asked questions with advanced accordion feature)
  • Advanced blog page (Blog page with modern table view)
  • Advanced contact form (Contact form where you can get quick feedback)
  • Advanced posting page (Quick advanced posting page)
  • Advanced login and registration form (Professional login and registration form for visitors)
  • Advanced dashboard (Professional dashboard displayed after login and easy account management and posting areas)
  • Advanced posting management panel (Professional management panel where you can easily adjust all postings, categories, locations and all other settings)
  • And experience it now for more advanced features.

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