Jobsa – Career & Job Portal WordPress Theme

Jobsa WordPress Theme is a wordpress theme with special software that will appeal to every user with a magnificent system developed for Career portal and Job portal.

If you want to set up a Career and Job Portal system, you will have the features and design that will make a global impact with our Jobsa wordpress theme.

Jobsa WordPress Theme is a unique wordpress theme that aims at user experience and can appeal to large audiences developed with comfortable, aesthetic, professional and creative ideas.

With this template, which we have coded and designed for a long time, you will integrate your career portal very quickly and easily. With the one-click import option, you will import all the data instantly and you will be able to customize very quickly from the tabs on the quick theme pages. From the theme settings, you will be able to quickly change the structure of your corporate identity, such as logo, tone, color, font, point, information fields and all your corporate features within a minute.

With the Jobsa wordpress theme, you will be able to present your job postings to visitors in a table view and with a professional job search filtering area. You will get a great look with amazing category box systems, amazing 250+ corporate icon sets and amazing category business pages.

You will provide a unique web experience to those who want to have a career with special pages that we optimize with professional jobs table layout and professional ajax job search forms.

You will have a magnificent web story design with this template, which we have institutionalized with white tones and tones of sky blue color.

You will be able to enter the job and career portal with the professional infrastructure coded with the latest technologies and the creative web concept designed in corporate tones.

Jobsa has a completely corporate structure. We have created a pricing page with a 3D effect so that you can present price options to companies, so you can present your advertisement packages to your customers with a fast modern look.

  1. You will draw great prestige with our amazing story scenario on the corporate about page and with amazing team areas and icon sets.
  2. With the benefits page, you will be able to showcase your popup video promotions and show an amazing box system.
  3. You will gain a strong impression with the animated comments area and the carousel feature.
  4. You will be able to create a fast accordion system with the frequently asked questions area.
  5. With the login and registration forms, you will be able to provide both employer and employee entry.
  6. Thanks to the option we have added to the registration page, you will be able to receive the employer and employee registration separately.
  7. With the pop-up registration form and the registration form, you will be able to present quick member logins and registrations.
  8. With the post an ad button in the top menu bar, you will be able to direct to quick memberships and have quick job advertisements.
  9. You will be able to quickly redirect to the posting page from the customer account page, my overview account and job dashboard.
  10. You will gain a striking impression with the modern and fast countdown site analytics area.
  11. With the magnificent scenario on the companies page, you will be able to list companies in alphabetical order and provide a quick experience with the company search form.
  12. On the advanced job detail page, you will be able to show the company logo, salary, date, location, job title and job content, and submit quick applications with the job application form.
  13. By clicking the review company profile button on the job detail page, you will quickly be directed to the company detail page and you will be able to show all the business and corporate information of the company.

If you want to have a strong career and job portal theme, don’t waste your time. Time is everything.

That’s why, without further ado, we describe the features of the jobsa wordpress theme below.

  • Jobs page (jobs logo short description date location job type and application button in table view – and advanced ajax search job filtering form custom search by category, tag and location)
  • Job detail page (Company logo, date, salary, location, company profile detail button, advertisement content and application form)
  • Job categories page (professional job categories and job ajax search form in table view)
  • Company directory (Company directories field where you can filter search from A to Z and company profile page and advanced company search ajax form when clicked)
  • Member login page and login popup form
  • Member registration form and member registration popup form
  • Advanced account page
  • Advanced job dashboard page
  • Advanced post a job page
  • About page designed with modern story
  • Professional benefits page
  • Comments page
  • Contact page
  • Prices page
  • FAQ page
  • Modern header and footer field
  • Contact forms
  • Popup pricing forms
  • Professional fast site statistics countdown area
  • Space for modern companies logos
  • Categories and icons area in professional box table view
  • Modern menu and sticky bar and professional dropdown menu
  • Professional opening effect
  • Full responsive design
  • Quick up button

And for more, check out the demo.

Demo member login information is below.

Company Login:

username: companyjobsa

password: companyjobsa025Night8

Candidate Login

username: candidatejobsa

password: candidatejobsa025Night8

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