Huma – Human Resources Solutions WordPress Theme

Huma WordPress Theme is a modern wordpress theme with outstanding features designed for Human Resources, HR, Corporate Business, Corporate Business Solutions, Consulting, Finance and All Corporate Services.

With a different perspective on the Human wordpress theme, you will have an aesthetic and strong structure outside of the normal. You will be able to attract customers with stunning effects that will enable you to leave your competitors behind and become number 1 in human resources solutions.

A web page with both clear and superior features adds great value to you. However, a website with errors and poor design will waste you both time and money. With all this in mind, we come up with the most creative scenario in each of our themes. Here, with the Huma wordpress theme, we have developed a striking and understandable web experience. Visitors entering your site will see moving shapes and a large slider area with human figures at first glance. Thanks to the quick buttons, they will be able to communicate quickly. Thanks to the fast countdown areas and modern services, you will offer a new generation aesthetic appearance.

You will be able to provide a great speed customization from the theme settings that will import all the content, images and all the details in a few clicks. You will be able to complete your website in a short time by quickly changing your content from the theme pages.

You Get Amazing Features with Huma WordPress Theme. Here are some:

  • Easy theme settings (customize logo, tone, font, color and entire corporate identity in a few clicks from theme settings)
  • Easy to manage pages (Fast content replacement with custom theme pages)
  • Slider with special scenario (Full screen slider with animated shapes)
  • Fast countdown (Next generation fast countdown where you can share your stats)
  • 3D effect services (The area of modern 3D effect services)
  • Customer logos (Customer logos with Modern Grayscale)
  • Modern comments (Creative carouselli comments area)
  • Professional header and footer area (aesthetic and clear footer and header areas equipped with icon sets)
  • Modern loader (opening effect with modern circle effect logo)
  • Corporate icon sets (Hundreds of icon sets specific to the corporate business sector)
  • Corporate web fonts (Next generation modern web fonts)
  • Creative web effects (Creative web effects with stunning features)
  • And check out the demo for more premium features.

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