Handymane – Repairman Services WordPress Theme

Handymane WordPress Theme is a WordPress theme that will create a superior brand image in the corporate concept made for RepairMaintenanceRepairmanPlumbingBoiler RepairBoiler MaintenanceElectricianHome RepairIndustrialAir Conditioner Repair and All Repair Services.

If you are a mechanic or repair company, you will not be able to abandon this template.

We guarantee that you will satisfy your customers with its special mobile design and special effects compatible with all devices.

Customers who will enter your site will see professional images with a special slider screen. And then it will create a striking impression with the special 3D effect visuals we have created in the corporate writing area.

We gave directions with amazing effects, together with the 3D services area in a special box layout. and just below we have added the brands area that you will repair and maintain. Thus, we gave a solid site image with a full corporate structure.

You will enlighten your visitors with this special mechanic wordpress theme that we have developed in Blue and White colors. You will get high returns with this template that we have created in special colors and tones that you can trust your customers.

Especially our administration panel is very simple. You will quickly complete all your content with special theme pages thanks to our special acf system. You will be able to customize all your colors and fonts with one click.

It has been coded as fully SEO compatible so that you can rank higher in search engines. So your competitors will stay behind.

Handymane WordPress Theme Features:

  • Easy and professional management (All rights, fonts, for use)
  • Via one-click demo (You can transfer content with one-click demo)
  • Responsive layout (Custom wordpress theme shaped for all mobile devices)
  • 250 custom icon sets (Professional icons)
  • 80 special web effects (Professional effects to customize your website)
  • Custom page designs (Easy page pages with custom page fields)
  • 60 custom web fronts (your custom articles for your website)
  • Special menu (Special menu that we have effected with fine lines)
  • 3d full screen custom slider area (Custom designed slider screen)
  • Carousel review (Swiper carousel)
  • Carousel team member (Swiper carousel)
  • Carousel blog (Swiper carousel)
  • SEO infrastructure development (Search engine specific infrastructure)
  • 3d service special set area (professional services area prepared with icon program in box layout)
  • Team area (Private team area)
  • Offer forms (Special forms – contact formula 7)
  • Contact forms (Special forms – contact formula 7)
  • Custom blog structure (Accelerated article fields)
  • Pop-up menu (Custom screen menu)
  • Custom side widget (Icon set side widget)
  • Newsletter area (Footer newsletter area)
  • Social media icons (Custom social media icons)
  • Special services page (3d effects services page)
  • About us page (3d effect about page)
  • Brands area (Special area created for the brands you repair and repair)
  • Pop-up forms (Pop-down form fields from your packages)
  • Special front loader effect (Special effect)
  • Go up button (Fast speed)
  • Background replacement feature (Background structure for all pages)
  • Page title change feature (Page title structure for all pages)
  • Sticky menu (Full compatible sticky menu)

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