Google Adwords


Google AdWords is an investment system that shows websites first in search engines. Google ads are the most effective advertising method to increase your brand awareness and conversions.

When we think of something in any chat environment, we immediately search for it in Google search engines. Generally, the first 4 pages that we come across are Google ads. And they are the most preferred clicked sites. If the site is designed to entice the visitor and produces quality content, it means that the site has convinced the visitor. That’s why your web interface is impressive and if your Google Adwords account is configured correctly, you can hit the mark.

We enable you to reach your target audience by configuring your Google Adwords account correctly. We analyze your right keywords and ensure that you rank first regionally.


We prepare your Google Adwords account with special strategies that will appear in all regions and counties with your keywords and we take the first place in Google. We turn your visitors into profit by enabling you to reach your target audience with the right advertising campaigns.



After the customer is listened to and detailed information about the Google AdWords service is received, a service offer is prepared and presented to the customer’s information. The price situation may change according to the customer project delivery priority.

Management Process

We assign a customer-specific expert for Google Adwords account management. We provide information for every detail. We notify the customer of the details via Whatsapp or Mail. We transfer the reports to the customer on a daily basis.


We charge Google Adwords account management fees monthly. We create the right strategy by determining the Google AdWords advertising budget and the customer. Any commission etc. from the customer advertising budget. We do not charge fees.