Gobike – Bike Club WordPress Theme

Gobike WordPress Theme is a creative premium WordPress theme developed for CyclingCycling ClubCycling RacingCycling SportsCycling EventsBikeMountain BikingRoad CyclingCycling TrainingAthlete and All Sports.

You will have a professional Cycling club theme with a super advanced events area.

You will get ahead of your competitors with a fast and fully SEO friendly infrastructure with special events list, table and advanced search filters.

You will be in complete harmony with the special organizer page and special event category pages. With the gobike theme, which is shaped according to all responsive devices, you will be able to show your events, trainings, team, prices and services at high potential.

Gobike WordPress Theme is an advanced sports theme in corporate concept that has been given special stunning animations equipped with 3D effects and will be preferred by professionals.

You will be able to change all colors and fonts with one click with easy administration panel.

You will be able to quickly customize all your content with custom theme pages.

You will get rid of confusing and complex administration panels. You will write epic with its magnificent ACF harmony and Special event areas.

Gobike WordPress Theme Features:

  • Easy customization (Custom theme settings area)
  • One click ımport data (You can ımport all data with one click.)
  • Fully responsive design (Special design shaped by all devices)
  • 230 special ıcon set (Professional ıcons)
  • One click customize all colors (Change all colors with one click)
  • Customize all fonts with one click (Change all fonts with one click)
  • 80 special effects animations (Animated animations area)
  • Custom page templates (Easy page customization with custom page fields)
  • Admin panel event page (You can publish a new event from the panel. You can assign as many organizers as you want to the events. You can preview and broadcast by setting the event categories, types, images, dates and properties.)
  • Event list box layout (Increase relevance on your event website by giving users full control over their event listing as they want it to appear on the site. Box view makes the page even more appealing by showing the listed events with a large event title.)
  • List of event organizers (Special search filter for listing organizers by letter order. The quality of an event depends primarily on the event organizers and therefore they deserve an extra special place on your website. Organizers will be displayed on the page in alphabetical order with descriptions of their current and future events.)
  • Multiple organizers on the event detail (Event details are unclear without the Organizer’s knowledge of it. Experience a completely separate segment to show the features of the organizer, including name, logo, description and other related links on the single event listing page. Another benefit this feature gives you is, You can have not one but more than one organizer at the same event
  • Event listing row layout (User preferences are always a mystery. Our core plugin satisfies users need with a list view for your event listing page as well, By selecting the List view, the event listings are displayed in chronological order.)
  • Event detail page (The page provides detailed information about the event title, the name of the organizer, the date, the time, the place, the location of the event. In addition, the relevant category and genre, as well as a short description are displayed on the page. )
  • Advanced event search filter (Solves all your worries as it increases convenience by offering search filters to search and filter events by keywords, dates, time, event type and categories. By using a search filter, visitors can find the events themselves in one or two clicks without having to look at each event. they can find.)
  • Organizer organizer dashboard (In addition to providing a user-friendly event management dashboard, it also provides you with a well-structured, detailed Organizer Dashboard. It allows organizers to promote, modify or delete organizers to improve the event management process. The Dashboard highlights all the organizers associated with the same coordinator; This means that many organizers can be shown at the same events.)
  • Organizer profile page (Get to know the identity of the organizers with a few clicks on the organizer’s dashboard to gain an in-depth understanding of their information along with their current, past and upcoming events.)
  • User-friendly admin panel (As a website administrator, you will need an easy, no-code solution to manage all events. You will see a clean, straightforward admin panel to manage your events. The admin panel allows you to edit, delete, cancel and approve events with ease. You can also do it in bulk (bulk approve or delete etc. The plugin improves your efficiency by setting filters for you and helps you search more easily.)
  • Add new event in admin panel (It also gives an opportunity to add event from admin. To add a new event, simply log in, click add events under event lists menu and enter details of event. No coding skills required to do this.)
  • Adding an event type in the admin panel (You will be able to add an event type in the unlimited option.)
  • Add event category in admin panel (You can add and assign categories to events for your users. For example, you can add categories such as istanbul Kyiv, london, bicycle, motor, car, etc. and assign certain types of events to these categories. You can add and edit categories by clicking on the event categories under the event lists.)
  • Event listing settings in the Admin panel (The settings menu in the Admin panel makes you more than an administrator; a true master of the website! Use the event list settings to easily make changes to the lists. Absolutely no code information is expected from you. You can change how and how much the event list will appear , you can change how canceled events and expired events appear, etc.)
  • Event submission settings in the admin panel (The application form is one of the most important parts of any event website. A fully functional, easy to use application form can sometimes be important to your website. The Event Submission Settings menu in the admin panel makes it easy to make changes to the submission form. Account creation process , moderation process, adding categories and lists to submission forms, etc., you can create the most useful application form on the web.)
  • Add organizer in admin panel (It helps admin to add all the organizers in one location so they won’t be linked to individual events over and over. If the organizers are listed, they will be displayed in the organizers list on the event post page. The backend allows users to add the organizers’ info including name, logo, description etc. provides.)
  • 60 web fonts (Custom fonts to customize your website)
  • Super lightwight (Lightning-fast ınstallation and operation)
  • Menu with special effects (Fine lines)
  • Trainings carousel area (Special trainings carousel section)
  • Special project detail page (Project detail page with custom icon)
  • 3d slider area (Full screen swiper slider)
  • Carousel trainings (Swiper carousel)
  • Carousel comment (Swiper carousel)
  • Carousel team member (Swiper carousel)
  • Carousel blog (Swiper carousel)
  • Full seo compliance (Yoast seo plugin setting)
  • 3d services custom ıcon set area (Services areas prepared with custom ıcons in box layout)
  • Team area (Special team members area)
  • Countdown area (Special effects coundown area to contribute to your site)
  • 3d pricing area (Special detailed 3d pricing table)
  • Offer forms (Special forms – contact form 7)
  • Contact forms (Special forms – contact form 7)
  • Custom acf system (Professional ınfrastructure)
  • Special blog structure (Accelerated article fields)
  • Dropdown menu (Custom bootstrap dropdown menu)
  • Special sidewidget (Icon set sidewidget)
  • Newsletter area (Footer newsletter field)
  • Social media ıcons (Custom social media ıcons)
  • Special services page (3d effect services page)
  • About us page (3d effect about page)
  • Team members (3d effect team members section)
  • Customers page (Special customers section)
  • Pricing page (3d effect pricing page)
  • Popup forms (Popup form fields from your packages)
  • Special preloader effect (Special effect)
  • Go up button (Fast speed)
  • Background change feature (Background structure for all pages)
  • Page header change feature (Page header structure for all pages)
  • Sticky menu (Fully compatible sticky menu)

If you are looking for a sports theme with superior features. This template is priceless for you!

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