Garage – Garage Door Services & Shutter Services WordPress Theme

You will be able to get fast customers with this new generation creative wordpress theme we developed for Garage Door Repair and Shutter Repair Services.

Garage WordPress Theme is a unique wordpress theme designed for Garage Door Repair, Shutter Repair, Automatic Shutter Repair, Door Repairs and All Repair Services.

Garage WordPress Theme has advanced features.

It allows you to show your brand from a professional angle. It accompanies the visitors who will enter your site with a magnificent opening effect with a large slider area. And it fascinates the visitors with its moving buttons.

It shows your promotional videos, team, services, information, offer forms and corporate identity in stunning effects.

Garage WordPress Theme has fully responsive responsive design. And thanks to its advanced code density, it gives you a great advantage in SEO.

It provides the opportunity to customize from theme pages at an amazing speed by importing all data with one click.

Without further ado, here are the Garage WordPress Theme Features:

  • Widescreen creative slider area
  • Modern styled menu and dropdown menu
  • Modern push button hover features
  • Animated background icons
  • Next generation modernized button highlight effects
  • Icon box areas designed with creative futuristic structures and amazing hover effect
  • Modern services box area and modern hover effect
  • Spectacular icon sets for the garage door services
  • Modern motion video space
  • Modern video popup area
  • Creative web effects
  • Advanced service detail page
  • Modern team space
  • Amazing carousel
  • Bootstrap, Javascript, Jquery, Sass, Css, Html and pHp coding
  • Offer forms
  • Callback forms
  • Offer forms
  • Contact forms
  • Frequently asked questions accordion area
  • Gallery area
  • Modern header and footer area
  • Perfect opening effect
  • Super fast go up icon
  • And more…

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