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Web design is a difficult topic. There are many things that you should consider when creating a website. To simplify this task, each web designer needs to take into account the necessary actions and draw up a list of what not to do and create them all on simple principles.

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  • Provide a similar experience regardless of all devices.

Visitors access your site using many different types of devices: they can visit your site on a desktop or on their laptop, tablet, phone, and even on their watch. A big part of UX design is how you want to show the visitor your site, to make them have a similar experience according to the device they are using.

  • Design easy-to-use and clear navigation.

Navigation is the cornerstone of usability. Remember, it doesn’t matter how good your website is if users can’t find their way around it. That’s why there should be navigation on your site:

It should be understandable (It should have the most understandable structure possible.)
Category (Navigation options should be open for visitors)
Navigation Button (Navigation system should be the same on each page.)
Design your navigation so that it takes you to a place where visitors want to go in the fewest possible clicks;

  • Change the color of visited links

Links are an important factor in this navigation process. When the visited links do not change color, users can unintentionally visit the same pages over and over again. Knowing your past and present locations makes it easier to decide where to go.

  • Make it easier to scan your pages

Users are more likely to scan the screen quickly when they visit your site and have to read everything there. Therefore, web design if a visitor wants to find content or complete a task in your project, they will scan it until they find the place where they need to go. And as a designer, you can help them with this by designing good visuals. It means arranging or presenting items in a way that is important.

  • Check all connections again.

A user can easily get angry when he encounters error page 404 when he clicks on a link on the site. When visitors are looking for content, they want each link to be taken to a location without a 404 error and where they don’t expect it.

  • Make sure that clickable items appear

How an object looks shows users how to use it. Visual elements that look like links or buttons, but are not clicked, can easily confuse users. Users should know which areas of the page are flat static content and which areas are clickable.


  1. Don’t offer slow sites to your visitors.

Web users have little attention and patience. When visitors have to wait for your site to load, they will get angry and if it doesn’t load fast enough, they will leave your site. Even the most beautifully designed installation indicator can force users to leave the site if the installation takes too long.

  • Opening the internal link on a new tab.

Disables the Back button, which is the normal way for users to return to previous sites.

  • Disable promotional ads.

Promotions and ads can overshadow the content next to them, making it difficult for users to perform their tasks.

  • Reduce scrolls to a minimum.

This is the case when designers/developers manipulate the scroll bar to behave differently on websites. These animated effects can include fixed scroll points and even a redesign of the scroll bar itself.

  • Audio video playback

Auto-playing videos, music, or background sounds make users uncomfortable. These properties should be used sparingly and in appropriate places.

  • Don’t let your visitors run away for the sake of beauty.

The design of a site or user interface should never interfere with the user’s ability to use the content on the screen. It is important to avoid interfering with dense backgrounds behind the content, poor color schemes that impede the readability of the site or insufficient color contrast.

  • Using flashing text and ads

Flashing or flickering content can trigger sensitive contacts. It is likely to be inconvenient for users in general.

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