Coacha – Coaching & Online Courses WooCommerce WordPress Theme

You will be able to provide online coaching training with this creative wordpress template that we have prepared for people and institutions that provide coaching training. You will have the unique online coaching training courses woocommerce wordpress theme where you can bring together the trainers and students.

Coacha has powerful features made entirely for professionals. It offers a clear and striking slider screen to visitors entering your site and offers a great educational site with modern registration buttons and special blocks.

Coacha is a fully responsive theme. It shapes all courses according to all devices and provides the opportunity to provide online training from all devices. Thanks to the easy control panel, you can quickly edit all courses, prepare training videos and customize all course features very comfortably.

You can also get fast instructor and student registrations with the Coacha theme. Thus, you will be able to introduce your brand to the world faster. It will be a unique choice for coaching firms looking to grow your network.

Coacha WordPress theme offers a stronger structure with special icon sets in its content. Thus, you will be able to present modern looking corporate icon regular blocks to the audiences you want to give more information to.

Managing Coacha wordpress theme is very easy. You will instantly import all the content you see in the demo with our full transition plugin, all members, instructors and students with one click, and you will also have great customization.

Discover Coacha’s Outstanding Features:

  • Quick and Easy theme settings
  • Quick and Easy editable acf theme pages
  • Professional slider area
  • Professional member and registration buttons and blocks
  • Professional online education system
  • Easy to manage online course management panel
  • Add, edit, and delete course videos
  • Woocommerce sales and payment system specific to the education system
  • Course preview and Video areas
  • Watching and creating step-by-step course videos
  • Special personalized administration panel for Admin, Instructor and Students
  • Professional trainer profiles
  • Certificate generator for trainings
  • Quiz builder feature for multiple quiz types
  • HTML, Youtube, Vimeo etc. feature to add special training videos to the systems
  • Professional earning and commission feature prepared for courses
  • Multi-currency withdrawal options
  • Buying processes
  • Professional styling options
  • Separate and dedicated professional registration form for Students and Instructors
  • Education rating system
  • Private instructor lesson feature where you can have questions and answers
  • Training difficulty levels and course durations feature
  • Quizzes and initiatives you can create for trainings

And for more legendary features, check out the demo now and take advantage of the opportunity.

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